Is The Penny Stock About To Wake Up? Awesome Penny Stocks

Do You Like Awesome Penny Stocks?

I haven’t posted in a while about many awesome penny stocks because the summer in the U.S. is really the down time for the stock market and especially the penny stock market. Now that labor day is over historically speaking the market usually comes back to life. In general September has been a down month where the volatility spikes significantly. This volatility in the big boards stocks spills over into the penny stock market as stock promoters come back in full force with some of their biggest promotions. So far one of the worlds best pumpers has already sent teasers about their next one, so lots of traders are waiting to see if this will help to jump start the penny stock market and get some big gains from awesome penny stocks.

This summer was on par with the lack of liquidity and therefore lack of money flow into penny stocks, that is common in the market. None the less Nasdaq small caps stocks, including biotechs stocks, gave some great trades which paid out patient traders nicely.  You have to be much more selective in the summer because it’s real easy to get caught up in boredom trading which can easily effect your performance from the other nine months.

The pending catalyst which is currently effecting the overall markets is the the situation in Syria. While awesome penny stocks are not effected as much with the overall all movement of the stock market, if a large negative catalyst effects the market any high flying penny stocks with be effected as smart people take their gains and the promoters dump their shares prematurely on to unsuspecting long term lemming investors. Right now is actually a turning point because if the U.S. decides to go to war it could cause a down swing in the market. While this wouldn’t be bad for the big board stocks given their current position just off all time highs, it would effect the penny stock market negatively. Obama is fighting for this attack on Syria due to their use of chemical weapons on their own people and therefore we should know know soon enough about the direction the market is headed and whether awesome penny stocks will be spiking or tanking over the next several months.

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