Why I Don’t Like Trading Forex But Instead Trade Penny Stocks

Trading Forex Is A No Win Situation For 99% Of People

The attractiveness of Forex trading is that an individual may start out trading forex with a very small quantity of funds if the brokerage they select permits it. Certain Forex brokers allow you to transfer just one hundred dollars and some others have a minimum amount of five hundred. You will need to research micro lots if you don’t have a great deal of money. If you’re account is funded in dollars a micro lot is the same as one thousand dollars of foreign currency you’d like to trade. The issue with the Forex market as well as Forex trading generally is that it is very risky and you are trading a tremendously leveraged investment. How this works is you are putting up margin such as three hundred dollars, but then you are likely to control $30,000 worth of foreign currency if you make use of 100:1 leverage. Since this is quite a lot of leverage and you could potentially lose $300 on your initial forex trade in as little as just just a few minutes, you ought to think twice. Trading Forex has to be done as a business and all companies will need to have capital to start operating. In the currency markets, like any other financial markets, it’s essential to have money to generate profits. I definitely would not propose starting unless you can acquire at least $500 to $10000 and then be certain to use a micro lot so you may take smaller sized positions at first. I’m sure this isn’t what a person wants to hear but its beneficial advice. The capital markets are a risky place for the uninformed, and the Forex market is near the top of this list. Effective forex trading will involve trading forex using sophisticated technical analysis for example the methods you will uncover with my specific technical trading system here.

Why You Won’t be Able To Compete With Your Forex Brokers

The other major downside of the forex market is the fact that individuals are unable to directly access it. What I mean by this is there’s no centralized exchange like there is in stocks where securities are listed on the NASDAQ, Nyse or the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The only individuals that can really execute direct forex trades are professionals with millions of dollars which are basically just the large banks. Forex brokers act as middle men for the small traders to have a way to access these markets simply because they have contracts with the bankers. The issue with this is that they end up taking the reverse side of their clients buy or sell orders most of the time. If a forex brokerage firm wants to stay in business then they will not let a lot of of their clients beat them at their own game. Due to this it is very hard for the ordinary person with only a couple of thousand or a just a several hundred dollars to be competitive in the forex market.

Another Valid Reason Why Forex Trading Is Quite Challenging Or Even Almost Impossible For Most People!

Just like the drawback of trading high priced stocks where there are numerouseducated and wealthyprofessionals to contend against for stock traders with little or no money, the currency trading market is veryidentical. The currency market trading is a one trillion dollar market which is much more substantial than many of the other capital markets. This indicates the liquidity is exceptionally high if you trade forex, but it will come at a very large price. The problem is the rivalry is ferocious because of this and it’s outrageous to believe that the average person will have a shot at continuallymaking money by trading forex. This is particularly the case when a personstime frame is lesserdue to the fact the market noise in Forex is quite high. Scalping Forex is just aboutimpossible for the individual trader due to the facttheirstop lossestriggeredtoo early on almost every trade. This will manifest because people with little or no capital will be unable to endurelargedraw-downs. You might be able to get in and out of trade positionsright away but ninety nine percent of your forex trades will certainly go against you by a sizeable amount before ten percent will run in your favor. Either way you will lose the other ninety percenteverytime. The chances are stacked against small traders when trading Forex.

The Key Reason why I Trade Penny Stock Rather Then Trading Forex

Thousands of people sell their useless forex courses online. They are usually designed in forex software for instance , Metradader – MT4, and they don’t work at all or they will only let people earn profits a small percentage of the time. Lots of times these companies price their products between $500 and $2000 dollars for these forex trading programs. Essentially their flashy websites and bogus historic backtests convince dumb people into trusting them about how to make money in Forex Trading. The Forex market absolutely is the biggest market to rip people off both ways. I like trading penny stocks mainly because the folks that partake in penny stocks are usually very unaware. You will never ever be able to defeat knowledgeable traders or other organizations that market make in penny stocks but you can learn to take small or medium size gains out of the penny stock market by trading along with these types of smart traders and institutions. You should educate yourself about the reasons behind why it really is actually possible to make money using particular penny stock trading methods like this. If you want to do this

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