Trading Penny Stocks – Short selling UNXL – Low float Stock

Trading Penny Stocks – Short selling UNXL – Low float, & Volatile

While UNXL isn’t a classic under $5.00 penny stock this one was extremely volatile like they normally are when trading penny stocks. I shorted 2000 shares of UNXL at 13.45 today when the stock got into what I refer to as the “sell zone.” You can learn more about the sell zone in my trading course. Whenever I am not trading penny stocks that are under 5.00 I look for fast moving stocks with a real catalyst like UNXL.

Trading penny Stocks: Covering My Short in UNXL

About 10 minutes after I enetered the trade I covered 1000 at $13.24 and then the remaining 1000 shares I covered at $13.00. UNXL should continue to pull back towards $12.30 before bottoming short term, but I was happy to take the profits of $750 profit on this quick scalp. My trading system helps me find these ideal times to pull profits out of the market regardless if it is a penny stocks, or higher priced.

Trading Penny Stocks Like UNXL In The Short Term

Trading penny stocks

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