The Penny Stocks Game is Rigged, So Learn To Play The Game

You may have learned at a young age that life is not fair. You do not always get what you want—and occasionally you may not even get what you need.

When things do not work out the way the way that we want them to, we often dismiss them as unfair, flawed, or even fraudulent. “That’s a scam,” you hear about any number of things.

Getting into college, for example, is unfair and flawed. Sure, you can study hard, join various clubs and get good grade but “the game is rigged” in favor of people who invest in standardized test prep, or who are naturally gifted to do well at taking tests. (Not to mention the fact that most new 9-5 jobs no longer pay enough to cover the cost of college which raises the question why bother???)

It’s quite easy to get  turned down from college  (even if you write a  great essay!) and then end up not getting the job you want even though you are obviously the best candidate!).

Consider the lottery. Everyone knows the lottery has terrible odds. There’s no way to hack the lottery, and you could certainly argue that it’s a scam. But if you won the lottery, you wouldn’t be complaining.

The lesson: Okay, so what’s the point? Here it is: The next step, right or wrong, you just have to move on.

Sure, the game of life is rigged. So figure it out. The world is always unfair when things don’t go our way.

A better approach to complaining? When something doesn’t work the way you want, move on to something else.

The truth is this applies to the stock market and to trading as well. There is no magic system that works 100% of the time. There is no guru on this planet that can provide you their trading alerts and allow you to turn a small amount of money into a large fortune without any effort. You can seek this out but I can assure you that you NEVER will find them because they do not exist.

Trading takes time to learn and requires some effort and brain power. If you like to use your brain you will enjoy it. If you are lazy you will despise it. When you trade you are going to be wrong from time to time, and sometimes quite frequently. Trading profitably isn’t about trying to make money. It’s more about trying to not lose all your money before you learn how to control your emotions and trade profitably. Seriously…

This is the secret to trading. Well… it’s not exactly a secret because many people realize it’s important, but they don’t realize how important it actually is. Unfortunately most new traders let their emotions get in the way. Either they jump into a stock with no plan at all or they have a set plan but then it doesn’t work out as expected and they hang onto the stock and essentially “let it ride”. This is very dangerous for traders and it a major contributing factor as to why so few people can actually learn to profit in penny stocks.

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