The New Pump And Dumps: Why Billionaires Keep Pumping Penny Stocks

A couple weeks ago I mentioned my huge trades in VLTC. If you missed my post check your emails because you don’t want to miss out. There’s a new game going on in the penny stock market and it can make you rich, if you follow the rules and learn how the game is played…

After VLTC got pumped by Carl Icahn, the next stock to get pumped by a billionaire was SYMX. This stock was pumped by John Paulson, the former Goldman Sacs CEO turned hedge fund manager. Paulson is well known because he shorted the mortgage backed securities market earning billions during the financial crisis. His prospects must be slim nowadays because he recent dumped millions into SYMX causing the stock to jump up 100% in one day. Unfortunately he needs more practice because the stock quickly sold off 50%, but I still was able to earn thousands. Fortunately he just added to his position today which caused another 30% gain on the day, and I am watching it closely to see what happens over the next few days.

It wouldn’t be a full blown party if George Soro’s wasn’t involved and today he didn’t disappoint. Today news was released that he had taken a position in PTBI, a small biotech stock,  which had some FDA news yesterday. The stock shot up from $2.86 to $11.15, and now sits at $9.43 in after hours trading. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one spike more over the next few weeks so watch it closely.

One of my readers found an interesting site called which lists some of the worlds most well known billionaire investors and I suggest you check it out. Any of these people could be the next person to announce a new stake in a different penny stock and if you are familiar with their names and know how to time the market correctly, you literally can earn thousands of dollars in one day with me…

The fact is most people have no idea what they are doing when it comes to their finances and investing in the stock market. These people will buy any stock that get’s recommended to them even though they have no understanding how how the stock market actually functions. I can show you how to take advantage of the average person and grow your bank account in the process. Regardless of what the so-called guru’s will tell you, trading is not a get rich quick scheme but instead, a surefire to consistently grow your money over time.

If you aren’t making money in the market and you want to learn how professional traders operate, then you should definitely try this out. It’s risk free with the 60 day guarantee so simply have nothing to lose by trying it out: Click here

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