The Best Documentary On HTF’s And Wall Street

Watch This Amazing Video About High Frequency Trading

This is by far the best documentary I have ever seen about the high frequency trading firms and what Wall Street has become over the last decade. Honestly there is some shocking news about HFT’s and how they are essentially ripping off the general public. It’s no question that the market is rigged for the average person however when you got certifiable genius’s like the guy in this movie Haim Bodek who were taken advantage of as well, you know something is rotten in Denmark.

I highly suggest you sit down and watch this documentary. It’s about 50 minutes long but I guarantee you will be shocked about what you learn. Unlike some other documentary’s the main character Haim Bodek dumb’s down all of the technical jargon and makes it a bit easier to understand. He also explains concepts which are completely unknown to most people.  He was the head of a high frequency trading first which went out of business in 2011 which he claims was due to a special order type which allowed certain Wall Street firms to take advantage of everyone else. He also was a major character in this book: Dark Pools: The Rise of the Machine Traders and the Rigging of the U.S. Stock Market. I read this book and it is a truly fascinating look inside the mysterious world of HFT’s and crooked Wall Street.

Even though Wall Street is rigged it’s still possible to trade along with the high frequency trading firms. If you can identify what the algo’s are doing then you can jump in at the correct times where your chance of profiting is greatly increased. That is what I do on a regular basis. HFT’s are less common in the OTC markets due to the lack of liquidity, but many firms have started operating in stocks like FNMA, FMCC and some of the biotech stocks that have been getting very active lately due to their huge volume days. To learn a real trading system from the inside out check this out.

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