SVEN – New OTCBB penny stock pump by the big guys

SVEN is a new large budget stock promotion. Promoters and market makers don’t want you making money off these stock promotions. If you make money then they lose money. The biggest problem with these premier promoter’s pumps is getting in at a good price. You may know about the promotion but if you can’t get in like 95% of the crowd cannot, you aren’t gonna make a cent and most likely will lose your ass due to the fact that the market makers will only fill you once they know the stock isn’t going up. I figured out a way to get in when nobody else can and it literally can be a printing press. I traded SVEN today. I bought 50000 at 10:15:06 at $.201 and and sold at 10:41:57 at $.251. Profit on this trade was $1990 after commissions (Not as much as usual but I decided to play it safe with this one since the last pump was cancelled on the first day. This trade was only 30 minutes long. There’s no reason to take unnecessary risks of holding for days when predicable profits can be earned in under and hour. Yes the stock went higher all the way to .30 and yes this stock may continue to move up for another 1-2 weeks but I do not care. If the profitable trade setups arise I will take them, and if not I’ll just wait for the next or a different setup that I look for.

SVEN - Penny Stock - OTCBB

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