SLIO – New Alert From The Worlds Best Pumper

The worlds best stock promotion group released SLIO as their new pick today. The stock started off at 1:20 EST at $.075 and shot up to $.134. I went long 70,000 shares at .09 and sold at $.124 for a $3,500 profit in 1.5 hours. I didn’t hold onto this stock overnight because the overall market was very poor and I don’t like holding overnight when there is so much uncertainty in the market. Near the close the same promoter sent word that they were canceling there pick SLIO which they already released. They claimed it was due to the poor market condition. I am not sure if this is the case or they already dumped their shares on to unsuspecting victims because the stock dropped from .134 to $.07 at one point and finished the day at $.10. It was pretty volatile today to say the least and I am glad I took my profits quickly.


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