SAFC – Successful Penny Stock Promotion By A Sub-par Pumper – Penny Stocks

SAFC is a penny stock that was up from $.12 to a high of $.335 today intraday and is now trading at $.20, well off it’s highs. The volume on this pump is 3,200,000 shares which probably amounts to about $400-500k of volume. In general I take $10k positions in lower priced penny stocks and sometimes increase this to $25k (only in ultra liquid penny stock trades). In order to trade with this size I need to make sure I am only trading a very small amount of the total volume to avoid moving the price of the stock and “showing my hand” to the market. My position would have been 1.6-2% of the entire volume in SAFC. I do not like trading penny stocks like this for this reason. If you trade smaller size you can scalp these type of stocks sometimes, but you have to be in and out in minutes or you will lose big. If you can exit when you need to these type of penny stocks will dump on you. In the case of SATC it gapped up huge and then basically just sold off so there really was no play unless you had the ability to short it which required $2.5 per share in margin that you want to short. For example for SATC you would need 10k x $2.5 = $25k in order to short 10,000 shares.

Update: I posted this the other day and now today SAFC is trading back at .05. This is why you never want to invest in a penny stock and the fact that this spiked up and sold off so quick shows how this pumper’s list has no staying power. Beware of these type of alerts guys!

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