PRTN – Long Penny Stock Trade

I bought 60000 shares of a penny stock PRTN at $.32 near the open when I noticed that the ticker had been leaked on one of the top stock promoter in the worlds website. This group does a very good job at pumping penny stocks that they alert on, and therefore I am willing to accept more risk by taking a larger position than normal because I know the probability of success on these trades is in my favor if I act fast. At 10:30 A.M. I sold 60000 shares at $.396 for $4560.00 before commissions. PRTN quickly pulled back to a key technical level so I decided to buy back in for a full position of 60000 shares at$ .35 on the dip. I don’t always do this but this stock was trading extremely high volume (110 million shares in total on the day of the alert!) so I felt more comfortable increasing my risk especially since I already had locked in a $4560.00 profit. The stock stalled out and the volume level off so I sold 60000 at $.395 into resistance for a $2700 profit. Total profit on the day was $7260 – $20 in commissions = $7240.00. Huge day trade on this pump and dump!

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