Penny Stocks Are Hot: A 150% Gain In ALKM!

I wanted to share one of my recent trades. ALKM  is on of those penny stocks that got pump and dumped by the big guys. It didn’t play out as usual but I was able to earn huge profits by playing the bounce setup which I detail here. The stock came out of the gates and moved up a few cents. I didn’t like the way it was acting so I decided to remain on the sidelines. Next the stock started dumping hard until it hit an astounding -50%! At this point all of the people that bought into the stock had gotten burned hard. This is what traders call the point of maximum pain. When amateurs can’t stop looking at their huge unrealized losses in the in their accounts, that is the exact time I look to enter a trade. From experience  I know these people will sell me their shares cheaply, and I can get buy a large position and get executed quickly. I also confirmed that my trading system was telling me the stock was ready for a bounce trade based on the timing model that I utilize.

The stock dropped from $.30 to $.165 and I enter the trade at $.18 as the stock found some support and the short selling cover point was breached. This caused the stock to spike and I instantly was up several thousand dollars in minutes.  The stock moved sides ways for an hour and I added to my position when the stock broke out late in the afternoon. I sold my position at $.25 for $8,500 as my system triggered a sell alert and the stock was hitting some significant resistance. I probably could have help on but as trader I have learned to be successful you cannot be greedy. This was a 40% profit. $8,500 is more most people make in a month and I was able to do it in a couple hours and the opportunities are plentiful so it’s possible to do this again and again! It’s not too difficult once you learn how the market works but for the average person it will never happen because they don’t know how the game is played…


There’s no reason you shouldn’t be profiting right alongside me. The markets are really active right now and now’s the perfect time to get involved as the summer slowdown is ending. Get started now

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