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This is my site where I offer my trading course for sale called Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game And Profit. It is not just a 150 page Ebook but a trading course which includes 14 files which explains my entire strategy in great detail with charts, illustrations and instructions about everything. It also has detailed instructions on how I scan for stocks, brokers I use, charting software recommendations, money management and a lot more valuable information that you won’t find anywhere else on earth. Check it out and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Tim Sykes penny stock short selling strategy is useful if you have $100,000 to start out with but his alert services are useless from my experience. The problem with his strategy is that it is mostly short biased and in order to short sell stocks under $5.00 you have to borrow hard to locate stocks. In order to do this you will need about 4 different brokers which at the very least requires about $60,000 due to account minimums. To make the real money you will need to be able to day trade which means go in and out of stocks as much as you want (the pattern day trader rule prevents this in the US.) His strategy doesn’t require day trading in general, however if you get into a position where you have a large profit, but can’t close out your position due to the pattern day trader rule, you are in trouble. There’s no reason to put yourself in this position. In order to day trade unlimited you need $25,000 minimum per account but if any of the accounts drops to $24,999 or below, you can no longer day trade unlimited so technically you need at least $28000 – $30000 per account. There’s one broker that Tim uses that will allow day trading with $2500 and will allow shorting low priced stocks however they will only have about 10% of the stocks available to short sell. The sketchy part is that it isn’t located in the U.S and it’s a prop firm which are generally pretty shady. If you don’t have all the other brokers you will miss a lot of opportunities and since short selling pump dumps can’t be done every day but more just several times a month, you really need to be able to trade all of the potentially profitable trade setups. For this reason this strategy is not worthwhile to learn unless you have a significant amount of capital. The way to learn the strategy would be to buy Tim’s DVD’s on eBay (not from his website where they are way over priced and extremely repetitive. Bottom line is stay away from paying other people for trading alerts regardless if they have made millions of dollars or not. You cannot consistently make money following others because the stocks will move to fast and by the time you get the alert the stock will have already made its move and you will get caught holding the bag.

Tim Sykes has a large following with approximately 1500-2000 paid subscribers. He also has approximately 200 members that log into his chat room each day waiting to trade his alerts. When Tim send an alert on a stock, the stock will move very quickly as his subscribers enter orders to follow him. Tim completely denies this fact but there’s is no denying it and I think he denies it because this is a form of stock manipulation. If you are extremely quick and have a lot of capital ($100k+) you can make a bunch of money fast, but otherwise you will always be late getting in and late getting out when all of the subscribers receive his order to sell or cover and hit the bid or ask in a hurry. You will lose money.

Lastly Timothy Sykes preached that he was out to help people beat crooked stock promoters, and then one day about 6 months ago he took a $100k payment from a stock promoter to promote a penny stock. The penny stock campaign completely failed and the stock dropped 50% in a short period of time before the campaign started. Many of Tim’s followers got badly burned.  Timothy Sykes is really dishonest and I would not trust him in general.

This trading community can be useful however you won’t make money trying to follow the owner’s alerts Nate Michaud, a.k.a  Investorslive in his chat room. He is a great trader and make thousands of dollars every day however it’s just not possible to try to follow other peoples. Penny stocks are illiquid and they move to quickly when volume comes into them. Most of the stocks he trades have low volume and Nate most likely has 300-500 members that subscribe to his services following his alerts which means he also causes stocks to move. This doesn’t always occur to the same magnitude as in Timothy Sykes chat room, but never the less, it is clear as day. For this reason when he alerts the he has purchased or shorted a stock the stocks will move quickly. Since he is a scalper by nature and has a large account, he can take big positions and quickly scalp into his subscribers buy or short sell orders for a profit effectively reducing his risk, and offering a profit nearly every time. This means he can almost always make money regardless of what happens after he makes an alert. There always will be an army of people to buy and their orders will flood the stock and cause it to move fast. The problem is since these stocks are illiquid after all of his subscribers place their trades, there will be nobody else to participate in the stock and  the stock will usually reverse causing severe losses. Nat e claims he doesn’t use hard stop losses which makes it even more difficult to limit your risk. I would not suggest joining this trading community unless you just want to use it to find stocks that are currently in play.

This services used to be known as The owner of the site is a good trader however he sells a DVD on his site with his strategy but will not provide information on how he scans for stocks. Because of this you will ALWAYS have to rely on Cameron Fous for trade alerts and pay $100-200 a month . Relying on others will never allow you to become a profitable trader. On top of this the stocks Fous trades are very volatile so you need a lot of capital and a strong stomach or you will not make a cent. You can make some money with this service and Cameron Fous is a successful trader however you can’t try to emulate his results unless you are trading with $100k+ and can afford to lose 1000-3000 per trade. Considering most people have $500-$3000 in their entire account, and Cameron Fous is only wrong about 50% of the time, you will lose all your money quickly if you don’t have enough capital to except the risk involved in trading his penny stock trading strategy.

While you would think that finding stock promotions before they occur would be useful, unfortunately the only volume that will trade in these stocks will be coming from the third party involved in the stock promotion and the subscribers of this service Prepromotion stocks. This service tries to front run stock promotions and this has caused a number of stock promotions to either fail entirely or has resulted in large 50% unnecessary pull backs to shake out front runners before the real promotion can start. Don’t get caught. This service is a waste of money

Avoid this site in my opinion.

While this guy seems to make a little money you must be willing to deal with a lot of volatility. On top of this it’s not possible to consistently make money following others so I would avoid this guys Doug’s site.

These two guys that run this site are basically gamblers. They have gotten real lucky on some trades making thousands of dollars, but the fact is they trade low priced biotech penny stocks. The only thing these companies have going for them is that they usually have a pending FDA approval, but FDA is extremely risky. You either make 50-100% or lose 50%. Its very difficult to predict the outcome and that’s why its gambling. I would not subscribe to their service unless you like gambling. You might as well just go play craps at a casino.

While this site is a great idea, you can just as easily track your trades in an excel spread sheet. The owner of Tim Sykes is not a great trader but has built a multi-million dollar business claiming he wants to teach people to trade. The fact is if a person says they are a poor trader, then why should they teach others? He scalps off of his subscriber’s and con’s peole into paying him $5500 a year ofr his challenge program which is a scam from my experience.

This is the same site as

This guy blew up twice on two trades and lost $100k. He is a terrible trader and in my opinion is stealing his subscribers money. Avoid this service at all costs unless you like to throw away your money. He is also a paid stock promoter.

I have no experience with Since the owner trades options on liquid stocks you may or may not have luck making money off his alerts unlike penny stocks which are illiquid. In any case following others is not a trading strategy.

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