PBCW – Penny Stock Promotion From A Big Stock Promoter – Trading Penny Stocks.

This morning at 9:34 there was an alert put out by a big stock promoter om PBCW. I got in early at 09:36:05 using my proprietary trading strategy when few other people were able to, and bought 200,000 shares at an average price of $.088. I sold 100000 shares at $.141 and 100,000 shares at $.147. I tweeted this trade on my twitter account @beatstockpromo. Volume so far on the day is 62,000,000 shares which is probably $7 millions worth traded. This is enough to get in and out with ease and reduce my risk of holding a pump and dump. It’s not like some $.05 stock that is trading $25,000 of volume per day which could seriously screw you. I rarely hold on to these type of stocks like PBCW since I can pull out a bunch of money out in a very short period of time, and not have to worry about it dumping on me. I pulled $11,200 in profit from the penny stock market on this trade in 15 minutes! I may not get another trade for a week or two but that’s fine after this trade and my penny stock trade in SVEN last week. These type of trades repeat themselves month after month so all I have to do is wait patiently and then the money flows like water coming out of a faucet. Now I’m off to go golfing! Its 60 degree’s in December which is a quite unusual for the area where I live.

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