New Penny Stock Alert By The Guys That Did LEXG, RAYS, SEFE, & SANP

New Penny Stock Alert By The Guys That Did LEXG,  RAYS, SEFE, & SANP

It looks like it’s that time of the year for one of the big guys to bring us the next big penny stock alert. These guys bring penny stocks that really move and can lead to 200-500% gains easily. They only release a few trades a year and every single one has gone up significantly. Their first penny stock alert was LEXG which turned out to be one of the greatest pumps of all time rising from $.10 to $10 in 25 trading days and trading as much as 200 million dollars of volume in a single day making it the most liquid penny stock of all time! Their other ones were RAYS, SEFE, and SANP. The latest was SANP amd although it was the least successful it still allows me to profit thousands of dollars in a short period of time.

I have put together a must read game plan of exactly how to trade these longer term ones to maximize your profit potential and reduce your risk in this guide. The potential to earns thousands in a short period of time is quite high if you know how the game is played. From the charts below you will also notice the potential is large to lose big if you are uneducated so you need to know what you are doing. We should have their next play in the next few weeks. I expect to earn $15,000+! Even if you can’t trade their next one, you can still learn. Get started right now: penny stock alerts



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