LOTE – Lot78, Inc. – Pump And Dump In The Works For This Penny Stock

LOTE is a crazy stock promotion taking place right now. It’s driven by suckers getting paper mailers and day traders. The move in this stock is incredible. It’s starting to resemble LEXG which was one of the greatest promotions of all times in 2010 although a different pumper is involved and the volume isn’t nearly as big. There was a massive 50% pull back two days ago and since then the stock had a tremendous rebound. Today the stock close at its high around $6.05 and therefore I am expecting a big gap Monday and then maybe the dump will start, although the stock could still run up to $7 or even $8 before all is said and done! It’s very difficult for the promoters to keep penny stocks up for long when they are rising nearly 100% in a few days. Buying up here is not smart and a lot of suckers that are investing in this stock are going to be badly burned. LOTE will make a great short probably sometime early next week when this pump and dump comes to and end.



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