Jim Cramer Market Manipulation Video

Jim Cramer Market Manipulation Video

Will The Real Jim Cramer Please Stand Up…

I thought I would share and interesting video because I am sick of the way Wall Street takes advantage of the general public. It does not just happen in penny stocks but also in the stocks of higher priced companies. Almost everyone that is interested in the stock market knows of Jim Cramer. The funny thing is not many people know about who the real Jim Cramer and how he manipulates the market.
Jim’s show Mad Money became fairly popular when it started around 2005 because up until that point there really was nobody else in the public eye actively talking about how to profit in the stock market, and nearly all of the general public is clueless about this topic. As you’ll see in the video, the only problem is the “character” that Jim Cramer plays on television is completely phony.
Lot’s of people entrust this clown with their financial futures and the truth of the matter is the guy is not out to help his viewers make money. Instead he is trying to manipulate stocks that his cronies on Wall Street are looking to acquire or dump on the general public. For example when a hedge fund or an institution needs to dump 5 million shares of a stock they can’t just put in a simple order like you or I to sell all at once. Such a large order would significantly impact the price of a stock causing significant losses for them. That’s where Cramer comes in because he has millions of fools, ah I mean viewers, that instantly buy or sell stocks based on his recommendations. This effectively increases the trading volume in a stock temporarily to allow these massive institutional orders to be executed essentially benefiting the institution at the expense of Cramer’s viewers. You would think that this would be illegal but sadly it is not, and in reality this is how Wall Street functions.
In addition to Mad Money Jim owns a financial website called Thestreet.com and a section of this website is called Wall Street Confidential. On this page he posts interviews where he shares more in-depth information than he is willing to share on television. Back in 2009 there was one shocking interview he posted where he got a bit “carried away” and began going into how he used to manipulate the stock market while he ran his successful hedge fund in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This video is pretty eye opening and I felt I had to share it with you before it disappears.
There’s so many great aspects to this video such as the expression on the interviewers face as he stares at Cramer in disbelief. Originally the video was posted all over the internet but soon after it went viral, it started to be taken down, and now the video isn’t even posted on Jim’s thestreet.com anymore. Cramer’s legal counsel and/or people on Wall Street, must have gotten angry because Jim literally admits that he utilized illegal trading practices in this video. It’s only about 6 minutes long. YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT NOW!
Here is the link to the video: Jim Cramer market manipulation.

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