Huge Win For Retail Penny Stock Traders

Big Win For Retail Penny Stock Traders

This is great news for penny stock traders. FINRA has finally stated crooked OTCBB market makers can no longer hold peoples orders for more than 10 seconds instead of execute trades like they should be doing. This is the beginning of a very profitable time in history in my opinion! Penny stock traders around the world are going to benefit from this great news. Penny stocks have gotten more and more difficult to buy and sell which can result in huge unnecessary losses. Although I am sure some market makers may try to still manipulate the market and screw penny stock traders out of their money, it should reduce this situation tremendously.

How They Screwed Penny Stock Traders

The big problem is many times a market maker will hold an order until they know that the trade is going to go in their favor and then execute the trade at the expense of the penny stock trader. Since market makers can see the limit book and therefore know exactly what the order flow looks like they have an unfair advantage. This technically should have been illegally yet they have been doing this for 100 years and up until now the regulars FINRA and the SEC have never done anything.

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