Bankruptcy: A Low Float NASDAQ Pump And Dump ILFG

IFLG was a former pump and dump. It was a low float stock with a wide spread so it moved really quickly roughly $.25 at a time on average. It was not a typically OTCBB or Pinksheet promoted pump and dump which is a completely different beast. IFLG always use to give at least one day trade long, and one or more overnight gap trades of $.50-2.00. The reason for this was because many people were eager to short sell this stock but were too early, and they got squeezed. It was an awesome stock to trade but unfortunately it got delisted and is now bankrupt. The party can’t last forever with these scams! This type of pump typically happens in lower priced pharm stocks and tech stocks. It’s very different from a pure OTC pump and dump since those occur due to something entirely different: stock promoters.

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