Find out how to trade penny stocksĀ  in a bear market This market has been out of control, in a good way for day traders like myself. For long term investors not so much… I want to explain the best […]

This new market environment is a lot different from the past. Many of the old patterns are no longer working like they used to. This has lead me to start looking for new tradable setups and I recently stumbled on […]

LOTE is a crazy stock promotion taking place right now. It’s driven by suckers getting paper mailers and day traders. The move in this stock is incredible. It’s starting to resemble LEXG which was one of the greatest promotions of […]

Short Trade in CYBX – Cyberonics Inc. – Fraud Report released an alert on CYBX today. These guys uncover what they believe to be fraudulent companies and they release to the public. Their article can be found at here. […]

Short Selling Penny Stocks Is NOT A Viable Strategy For Most People Few people have the capital, expertise, or nerves of steel for shorting selling penny stocks. Short selling penny stocks in theory would seem like an awesome strategy since […]

Trading Penny Stocks – Short selling UNXL – Low float, & Volatile While UNXL isn’t a classic under $5.00 penny stock this one was extremely volatile like they normally are when trading penny stocks. I shorted 2000 shares of UNXL […]

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