A couple weeks ago I mentioned my huge trades in VLTC. If you missed my post check your emails because you don’t want to miss out. There’s a new game going on in the penny stock market and it can […]

The penny stock market isn’t what most uninformed people think it is. Below is an explanation of how a real pump and dump is orchestrated. Now for the uninformed penny stock investor this is really bad news. Most of these […]

PCWT – Just When You Thought APS Was Down For the Count… So a couple weeks ago I wrote a post how a big promoter was coming out of their summer slumber which should have been PCWT. At the time […]

LOTE is a crazy stock promotion taking place right now. It’s driven by suckers getting paper mailers and day traders. The move in this stock is incredible. It’s starting to resemble LEXG which was one of the greatest promotions of […]

New Penny Stock Alert By The Guys That Did LEXG,  RAYS, SEFE, & SANP It looks like it’s that time of the year for one of the big guys to bring us the next big penny stock alert. These guys […]

SWVI – Swingplane Ventures, Inc – Stock Promotion I bought 50,000 shares of SWVI – Swingplane Ventures Inc. after the same group of pumpers that promoted FARE a month ago, released an alert. This was an awesome trade. The volume […]

Top Penny Stocks Like ZPPB Can Make You Some Money Unfortunately ZPPB Wasn’t Ideal… ZPPB was a pump that was released this morning. The stock was $.12 when the alert came out and then all of a sudden 2 minutes […]

Trading Penny Stocks Like FARE Can Make You A Wealthy Person Trading penny stocks like FARE Allows Me To Make Money frequently. While trading penny stocks today I bought a pump called FARE.  This was yet another stock promotion by […]

SAFC is a penny stock that was up from $.12 to a high of $.335 today intraday and is now trading at $.20, well off it’s highs. The volume on this pump is 3,200,000 shares which probably amounts to about […]

This morning at 9:34 there was an alert put out by a big stock promoter om PBCW. I got in early at 09:36:05 using my proprietary trading strategy when few other people were able to, and bought 200,000 shares at […]

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