I just received an email from a person that got my course and I felt like I should share it. It really means a lot to me to hear from my readers. When I decided to create my course I […]

SMA Releases A Dud: BOPT BOPT – Eco-Trade Corp was the much awaited pick by SMA which was released Friday at 2:00 PM. This is the same time they released a number of their other picks because they were expecting […]

New Penny Stock Alert By The Guys That Did LEXG,  RAYS, SEFE, & SANP It looks like it’s that time of the year for one of the big guys to bring us the next big penny stock alert. These guys […]

Gap trading 101: What Is A Stock Gap? “Stock gaps” occur quite frequently in penny stocks Stock gaps are quite common in penny stocks. Gap trading is a stock strategy which works over and over again on both the long […]

GNIN – Green Innovations Ltd. GNIN – Green Innovations Ltd is a penny stock at has been involved in one of the latest pump and dumps. This time the promoter running the stock promotion is not the usually suspects. This […]

SWVI – Swingplane Ventures, Inc – Stock Promotion I bought 50,000 shares of SWVI – Swingplane Ventures Inc. after the same group of pumpers that promoted FARE a month ago, released an alert. This was an awesome trade. The volume […]

Trading Forex Is A No Win Situation For 99% Of People The attractiveness of Forex trading is that an individual may start out trading forex with a very small quantity of funds if the brokerage they select permits it. Certain […]

Penny Stock Market Check out the link below for an older article created by Businessweek Magazine regarding penny stocks and the players involved in this crazy market. It’s a bit long but its a really eye opening article that explains […]

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