PCWT – Just When You Thought APS Was Down For the Count… So a couple weeks ago I wrote a post how a big promoter was coming out of their summer slumber which should have been PCWT. At the time […]

NNRX was a stock that started to rise due to speculation it was going to be one of the next big promoters pumps. The stock had a nice run from $.93 to $1.49 and then an epic plunge. Usually stocks […]

Do You Like Awesome Penny Stocks? I haven’t posted in a while about many awesome penny stocks because the summer in the U.S. is really the down time for the stock market and especially the penny stock market. Now that […]

SPY or the S & P 500 ETF (exchange traded fund) is an aggregate of all big board stocks since all stocks are correlated to SPY. I use SPY as a gauge of market sentiment and short and mid term […]

ACCS – One of the Worst Promo’s But So What? ACCS could go down as one of the worst stock promotions by a premier promoter but it was not a surprise to me. Mainly this is because when the overall […]

Big Win For Retail Penny Stock Traders This is great news for penny stock traders. FINRA has finally stated crooked OTCBB market makers can no longer hold peoples orders for more than 10 seconds instead of execute trades like they […]

Positive Expectancy When Trading Hot Penny Stocks Or Any Asset Class Knowledge and experienced based guessing is what results in a positive expectancy in the market and in trading hot penny stocks. I have a statistical edge because of this […]

MULI – A Quasi Fake Out On This Stock Promotion This morning one of the worlds greatest stock promoters (or potentially former great promoters) released MULI as their alert. This promoter hasn’t released many promotions in recent months and their […]

XUII – XUMANII¬† (OTCBB) – A New Stock Promotion By The Big Guys XUII is a new stock promotion by one of the worlds best stock promoters and its already up 169% on the day! The funny thing is this […]

LOTE is a crazy stock promotion taking place right now. It’s driven by suckers getting paper mailers and day traders. The move in this stock is incredible. It’s starting to resemble LEXG which was one of the greatest promotions of […]

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