You may have learned at a young age that life is not fair. You do not always get what you want—and occasionally you may not even get what you need. When things do not work out the way the way […]

This new market environment is a lot different from the past. Many of the old patterns are no longer working like they used to. This has lead me to start looking for new tradable setups and I recently stumbled on […]

It’s nearly summer time and the markets have been a bit sleepy lately, but the global markets have recently come to life which has caused some great volatility. The main reason for this is because the global markets are on […]

A couple weeks ago I mentioned my huge trades in VLTC. If you missed my post check your emails because you don’t want to miss out. There’s a new game going on in the penny stock market and it can […]

Most people that write about the stock market will tell you what you MUST do to be successful. Some or all of what they say is often good advice but the fact is in order to trade profitably you have […]

The rules and teachings below are from the mouth of the guy who I actually got my start from in trading, back in 2003. He has made ten’s of millions of dollars as a day trader, and  goes by the […]

When it comes to new traders I find there are two schools of thought regarding trading strategies: (1.)   Those that think if it isn’t expensive it isn’t worth learning. (2.)  Those that think there is one “secret formula” which they […]

The penny stock market isn’t what most uninformed people think it is. Below is an explanation of how a real pump and dump is orchestrated. Now for the uninformed penny stock investor this is really bad news. Most of these […]

1. Trading is an art before it becomes a science. Trading isn’t something you are going to learn in a short period of time. There are a number of moving parts and it certainly takes some time. Fortunately once you […]

I wanted to share one of my recent trades. ALKM  is on of those penny stocks that got pump and dumped by the big guys. It didn’t play out as usual but I was able to earn huge profits by […]

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