It was only a matter of time before Wall Street’s revenues got squeezed enough that they finally decided to throw in the towel and move over to the dark side of commission-free trading. It started off with Robinhood in April […]

In mid-November 2016 I took a three week trip to Asia. I know I said I would post my trip report months ago but the Trump rally completely got in the way. The market has just been on fire reaching […]

This week the market came back swinging sending S&P 500 all the way back to the all time high reached in May 2014. The unusual side of things is that the jobs number for May came out last week and […]

After several volatile but very profitable months of trading, I decided it was time for another trip. The market has been on fire and in the past weeks has rallied back up a significant amount. A few months ago it looked […]

Not everyone is cut out to be a trader. The main reason I say this is because the most difficult part of becoming a successful at trading is that you have to learn to take complete control of your emotions. Some […]

As a trader you probably have heard people talking of cutting losses quickly and managing ones emotions, but what does this really mean??? It’s hard for people to understand until they really experience it for themselves. This is why I […]

A trading system is essential to success in the market. NOBODY makes consistent profits without a system. But a system is not magic. It is merely a statistical edge. If you win 60% of the time and lose the other […]

I bet you have heard about the arrest of Martin Shkrelli the failed hedge fund manager of MSMB Capital and later Biotech CEO, that was recently arrested on charges of fraud and operating a ponzi like scheme. Shkreli is better known […]

The last time I visited Asia was in May 2014 and I went to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. This time I chose The Philippines in South East Asia and Japan in North Asia. I like traveling in Asia because it’s […]

For most people that are searching for a way out of their boring 9-5 life, the thought of trading for a living seems like a fantasy job. The good news is that becoming a full time trader is completely possible if […]

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