SWVI – Swingplane Ventures, Inc – Stock Promotion I bought 50,000 shares of SWVI – Swingplane Ventures Inc. after the same group of pumpers that promoted FARE a month ago, released an alert. This was an awesome trade. The volume […]

Top Penny Stocks Like ZPPB Can Make You Some Money Unfortunately ZPPB Wasn’t Ideal… ZPPB was a pump that was released this morning. The stock was $.12 when the alert came out and then all of a sudden 2 minutes […]

Trading Penny Stocks Like FARE Can Make You A Wealthy Person Trading penny stocks like FARE Allows Me To Make Money frequently. While trading penny stocks today I bought a pump called FARE.  This was yet another stock promotion by […]

Trading Penny Stocks – Short selling UNXL – Low float, & Volatile While UNXL isn’t a classic under $5.00 penny stock this one was extremely volatile like they normally are when trading penny stocks. I shorted 2000 shares of UNXL […]

This morning at 9:34 there was an alert put out by a big stock promoter om PBCW. I got in early at 09:36:05 using my proprietary trading strategy when few other people were able to, and bought 200,000 shares at […]

The worlds best stock promotion group released SLIO as their new pick today. The stock started off at 1:20 EST at $.075 and shot up to $.134. I went long 70,000 shares at .09 and sold at $.124 for a […]

I took a trade in PWEI this morning. Unfortunately I missed the first alert at the open due to an important phone call, but I decided to buy the dip to see if I could grab a few cents. I […]

Once again QCOR is not a penny stock but that is the beauty of my strategy. My trading system allows me to trade stocks, bonds, futures, options, forex and even more. Since QCOR had a fraud article on it it […]

Here’s a chart of a stock I shorted last week. I don’t short sell as much as buying, but when the opportunity presents itself I will definitely jump at the chance because my trading system allows me to trade any […]

Since it is still summer there haven’t been many true promoted penny stocks with high volume so I have been scanner for other low priced penny setups. While Knight Capital Group (KCG) isn’t exactly a penny considering it is one […]

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