The rules and teachings below are from the mouth of the guy who I actually got my start from in trading, back in 2003. He has made ten’s of millions of dollars as a day trader, and  goes by the […]

When it comes to new traders I find there are two schools of thought regarding trading strategies: (1.)   Those that think if it isn’t expensive it isn’t worth learning. (2.)  Those that think there is one “secret formula” which they […]

It goes without saying that loss cutting is a very important component of becoming a profitable penny stocks trader. I wanted to share the following figure below because it really shows why this is the case. The first thing you […]

The regular trading hours for the U.S. stock market are 9:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. ET. This is the time period when the market is most liquid and therefore more receptive to traders that want to extract profits. Unfortunately there […]

Gap trading 101: What Is A Stock Gap? “Stock gaps” occur quite frequently in penny stocks Stock gaps are quite common in penny stocks. Gap trading is a stock strategy which works over and over again on both the long […]

A New Pump Is Coming By A Successful Penny Stock Promoter BDPS… Time To Get Ready For A Potentially Large Pay Day A new stock promotion is coming next week (Tuesday January 14th) by the worlds second greatest stock promoter. […]

Penny Stock Traders: Happy New Years To All My Readers I wanted to wish a happy new year to all my readers. It’s been a great year for trading penny stocks and I believe 2013 could be and even better […]

Short Selling Penny Stocks Is NOT A Viable Strategy For Most People Few people have the capital, expertise, or nerves of steel for shorting selling penny stocks. Short selling penny stocks in theory would seem like an awesome strategy since […]

Trading Penny Stocks: The Reason Why Big Positions Are Necessary I wanted to bring up something that few people realize about trading penny Stocks. In general the average person looks at the penny stock market like a casino and tries […]

Trading Penny Stocks – Targets For Penny Stock Trades Trading penny stocks successfully requires having targets and stop loss orders. The reason is penny stock promotions make specific price movements on a consistent basis before going back to the penny […]

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