In general the worst outcome for a new trader is to be successful right when you start day trading penny stocks. The big reason for this is that it leads to extreme overconfidence. A new trader that makes money right when […]

When it comes to mechanical type trading systems an extremely important concept to understand is whether a trading system is robust. What robustness basically means is whether a system is designed to work in a number of different markets, be […]

To make money in penny stocks requires not only knowing when and why to buy a stock but also having the self discipline required to choose the highest probability opportunities while ignoring all the noise. Everyone spends all this time looking […]

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what a trading system really is. The fact is the road to wealth in the stock market requires utilizing a trading system, so it’s important to understand. A trading system is […]

As a trader you probably have heard people talking of cutting losses quickly and managing ones emotions, but what does this really mean??? It’s hard for people to understand until they really experience it for themselves. This is why I […]

A trading system is essential to success in the market. NOBODY makes consistent profits without a system. But a system is not magic. It is merely a statistical edge. If you win 60% of the time and lose the other […]

For most people that are searching for a way out of their boring 9-5 life, the thought of trading for a living seems like a fantasy job. The good news is that becoming a full time trader is completely possible if […]

You may have learned at a young age that life is not fair. You do not always get what you want—and occasionally you may not even get what you need. When things do not work out the way the way […]

Identify what you are good at quickly – In general I like to trade stocks in the $1-$500 range however I also will trade lower price penny stocks. Occasionally I trade futures and options, but I generally avoid bonds, bitcoins, […]

Most people that write about the stock market will tell you what you MUST do to be successful. Some or all of what they say is often good advice but the fact is in order to trade profitably you have […]

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