Penny Stock Traders: Happy New Years To All My Readers I wanted to wish a happy new year to all my readers. It’s been a great year for trading penny stocks and I believe 2013 could be and even better […]

Short Selling Penny Stocks Is NOT A Viable Strategy For Most People Few people have the capital, expertise, or nerves of steel for shorting selling penny stocks. Short selling penny stocks in theory would seem like an awesome strategy since […]

Trading Penny Stocks Like FARE Can Make You A Wealthy Person Trading penny stocks like FARE Allows Me To Make Money frequently. While trading penny stocks today I bought a pump called FARE.  This was yet another stock promotion by […]

Trading Penny Stocks: The Reason Why Big Positions Are Necessary I wanted to bring up something that few people realize about trading penny Stocks. In general the average person looks at the penny stock market like a casino and tries […]

Trading Penny Stocks – Short selling UNXL – Low float, & Volatile While UNXL isn’t a classic under $5.00 penny stock this one was extremely volatile like they normally are when trading penny stocks. I shorted 2000 shares of UNXL […]

Trading Penny Stocks – Targets For Penny Stock Trades Trading penny stocks successfully requires having targets and stop loss orders. The reason is penny stock promotions make specific price movements on a consistent basis before going back to the penny […]

SAFC is a penny stock that was up from $.12 to a high of $.335 today intraday and is now trading at $.20, well off it’s highs. The volume on this pump is 3,200,000 shares which probably amounts to about […]

A stock promoter with a decent track record put out a pump on PFNI today. The stock rose 12.5% today which isn’t bad, although the volume was only 950k shares so it’s not exactly a high volatility pump and I […]

This morning at 9:34 there was an alert put out by a big stock promoter om PBCW. I got in early at 09:36:05 using my proprietary trading strategy when few other people were able to, and bought 200,000 shares at […]

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