SVEN is a new large budget stock promotion. Promoters and market makers don’t want you making money off these stock promotions. If you make money then they lose money. The biggest problem with these premier promoter’s pumps is getting in […]

MIMV is a penny stock that announced some sort of deal with MSFT and the stock took off. Unfortunately they didn’t release and SEC filing about the deal so the stock didn’t do much after the initial move and is […]

The worlds best stock promotion group released SLIO as their new pick today. The stock started off at 1:20 EST at $.075 and shot up to $.134. I went long 70,000 shares at .09 and sold at $.124 for a […]

Since the market has been in a semi pull back, there have not been many promotions going on. The pumpers have been sending emails on the same stocks which have already tanked, which does not allow many trade. I only […]

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