Two of the worlds best stock promoters are claiming they will be releasing picks next week. One of their stock promotions occurred in JAMN and another in LEXG and RAYS, so I am anxiously awaiting these penny stock trading opportunities. […]

Once again QCOR is not a penny stock but that is the beauty of my strategy. My trading system allows me to trade stocks, bonds, futures, options, forex and even more. Since QCOR had a fraud article on it it […]

I bought 60000 shares of a penny stock PRTN at $.32 near the open when I noticed that the ticker had been leaked on one of the top stock promoter in the worlds website. This group does a very good […]

Here’s a chart of a stock I shorted last week. I don’t short sell as much as buying, but when the opportunity presents itself I will definitely jump at the chance because my trading system allows me to trade any […]

Since it is still summer there haven’t been many true promoted penny stocks with high volume so I have been scanner for other low priced penny setups. While Knight Capital Group (KCG) isn’t exactly a penny considering it is one […]

QIHU was a bounce trade that I took recently. It got smacked hard by short sellers because of a negative report by While QIHU isn’t priced below $5.00 per share like most penny stocks, when a site like Citronresearch […]

I bought 45000 shares of the penny stock MDMC on Friday 07-23-2012 when my trading system alerted me to this stock. The volume was pretty heavy and the buyer orders were coming in in the hundreds per seconds. I watch […]

Good Brokers:____________ 1. Interactive Brokers – (Best direct access broker for “trading” higher priced stocks. Fast executions. Not great for lower priced since they charge .005 per share and they only route through NITE and ARCA for OTCBB and Pinksheets. […]

If you want to trade penny stocks successfully you will need to develop or purchase a technical trading system. In general penny stocks with a certain catalyst typically experience significant volatility. After I locate the correct stocks through my stockĀ  […]

Somebody asked me the other day whether you can earn a billion dollars in the penny stock markets and here’s my answer. It’s not possible to make that kind of money in penny stocks. Penny stocks are just too illiquid […]

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