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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Mark Sarasota, FL

    Penny Stocks Behind the Scenes is exactly what I was looking for. I tried to trade penny stocks prior to reading this and ended up like many others; unsuccessful. It has given me the knowledge that I need to succeed. It did a fantastic job explaining technical charting, the buy/sell zones, and provided unique trading tips. If you want to be successful in trading I highly recommend this book. Also, the support staff is very quick to respond to questions.

  • avatar Marcus Aurora, CO

    Dan's E-book has everything anyone needs to succeed as a trader. It is not a get rich quick gimmick but an educational tool. Dan goes through everything he does to make successful trades and what to avoid. The E-book made me realize that I was just rolling the dice before and has completely changed my trading for the better. Words can't even describe how useful it is. If you are serious about trying to make money trading stocks don't miss this!

  • avatar Daniel Fremont, CA

    I came into the penny stock market blind with no clue how anything worked or where to look to educate myself. This guide explained exactly what needs to be avoided and I immediately gained a quick understanding of my mistakes, which without this guide, could have taken months or even years of failed trades and lost money to realize. There were very effective and important ideas covered at a high level and it equips you with the tools necessary to make thousands of dollars per day. Thanks for the informative and priceless information in the guide.

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Here's What You’ll Find Out:

  1. What the penny stock market really is and how to use this information to your advantage?
  2. How to find penny stocks that are primed for huge gains.
  3. What is modern technical analysis and how can you use it to determine when to buy and sell?
  4. What is a technical trading system and how will it insure that you gain an edge?
  5. What is money management and why must you use it to minimize your risk and maximize your returns?
  6. What is a trading plan and why it is so essential?
  7. What is market psychology and why will it influence every trading decision that you make?
  8. So much more that I can't even begin to list it all...

About The Author

Daniel Regan is a professional stock trader who has been trading for a living since 2002. He started out as an unprofitable trader who could never seem to get a break. It took him two long years and thousands of dollars in losses, before he finally realized what it takes to be a consistently profitable stock trader.

Prior to becoming successful, he spent thousands on penny stock alert services, bought countless trading systems, and purchased numerous trading DVD's. Unfortunately he learned the hard way that all these so-called "guru's" were selling their useless trading courses because they couldn't actually earn money themselves. It wasn't until Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands and stop relying on other's, that he finally figured out a real method of earning consistent profits in the stock market.

Daniel is an expert at technical analysis, tape reading and market psychology. He has a deep understanding of the markets internal "framework" which dictates how all asset types move (stocks, bonds, options, futures, Forex, etc). After tremendous success in his trading career, he has finally decided to give back to the trading community.

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